Artificial Grass

We stock the most premium quality artificial grass from USA, New Zealand for the most rough and tough use. Artificial grass is superior and aesthetically pleasing compared to natural grass.

Artificial grass has multiple applications both indoors and outdoors and is widely used for different usages. It can be used in Outdoor Lawns, Terraces, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Residential Complexes, Villas, Pool decks, Balconies, Courtyards, Atriums, Pathways, Schools, Kindergartens, Jogging tracks, Road Medians, Indoor Garden, Sports, Play Grounds / Stadiums & Arenas, Parks, Vertical hanging gardens and so forth..

Artificial Grass & Synthetic Grass transforms your garden into a low maintenance, outdoor extension of your home. There are countless benefits to having synthetic grass over a natural lawn, picture having a lush, green and healthy lawn every day of the year, never having to mow, weed or water your grass again. We offer many varieties of artificial grass at best prices .We have qualified team for laying and installation. We provide guarantee of 15 years for all our products.*

*Varies on product and company you choose.